Maps BOF


  • Project goal
    • What's our stated goal with Maps?
    • What new features do we want / not want to add?
  • State of design
    • Quick walk-through of our current designs.
    • What's ...
      • good / bad?
      • missing?
      • high priority?
  • Search-as-you-type
    • Current behaviour is suboptimal
    • What can be done?
  • Layers
  • Check-ins
  • POI's
  • Routing
  • Map view (Champlain)
    • What's missing in Champlain to make Maps rock?
    • Zoom control
    • Kinetic move
    • Gestures
    • Client side rendering
    • World wrapping
    • Imported layers



  • Zeeshan Ali (khattak)
  • Mattias Bengtsson
  • Dario Di Nucci
  • Rishi Raj Singh
  • Kalev Lember
  • Andreas Nilsson
  • Marc AndrĂ©
  • Lasse Schuirmann

Project goal

  • We don't intend to compete with google maps
  • Our goal is to make an easy to use maps application, focused on
    • consuming data
    • integrating with the operating system
  • Our non-goals are:
    • Advanced / out of the ordinary stuff (use Marble)
    • GIS-stuff (use QGIS)

State of design

  • We're pretty much cool right now
  • Needed designs
    • How to choose user location from the sidebar search form
    • Layers menu updates

Search as you type

  • Mattias will investigate options and come up with a proposal and post it to the mailing list
  • Regarding search in general, Lasse notes that we need better results taking your current position into account. This is definitely something we want.


  • We want to be able to show / hide overlaid markers and geometries on the map in some way.
  • Andreas and Mattias will work on designs for this.


  • When the user location changes any from- to- and via-entry that's set to user location, changes to the new one as well
  • We need designs for how to choose user location in the search form

MapView (Champlain)

  • Client side rendering
    • Would make sense to have that before local caching of maps
    • Investigate on Mapnik
  • Zoom control
    • We should redo it
    • better design
    • Easier to use on touch
    • Mattias will look into this
  • Kinetic scroll
    • Dario will push a patch to bz
  • Gestures
    • We want gestures support for pinch-zoom.
    • Maybe activate the sidebar via a swipe gesture.
    • Dario will add bugs
    • Better support for marker selection
    • Support drag and drop via gesture
      • For example from- to and viapoints during a route search
    • Support right click via gesture
  • World wrapping
    • We want this.
    • Jonas has been working on patches. There's some tricky map math to fix.

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