GTK+ team meeting

As we do every year, we should assemble the people working on GTK+ (and the stack around it: clutter, pango, glib,...) to talk about the state of affairs, current and future plans and update the roadmap.

Relevant people who will be at Guadec




Matthias Clasen



Benjamin Otte



Emmanuele Bassi

July 24th

August 1st

Cosimo Cecchi

July 25th

July 31st

Yosef Or Boczko

July 27th

July 31st


July 25th

August 2nd


July 25

August 1

Estimated duration: half a day

Possible agenda items

  • mir backend
  • wayland status
  • scenegraph demo
  • IDL
  • roadmap, especially outstanding HIG items and Glade
  • 4.0 ?

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