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Preferred date: 30th July 2014
Preferred duration: entire day

Primary contact: Debarshi Ray
Secondary contact: Cosimo Cecchi

We want to assemble the developers, students and designers working on these two core applications together to talk about the state of affairs, current and future plans, and resolve some pending issues.


  • Split view for Documents
  • GSoC progress, evaluation
  • Removable devices support
  • Presenter mode
  • Keeping online metadata in sync
  • Design changes
  • Sharing / upload
  • Preview library

Relevant GNOME team


  • Allan Day
  • Cosimo Cecchi
  • Debarshi Ray
  • Jakub Steiner
  • Pranav Kant
  • Felipe Borges
  • Marta Milakovic
  • ...

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