BoF: Set up your GPG and Crypto infrastructure

When: Friday August 1st, 10:00-12:00

This is a hands-on BoF! Bring your own laptop! There will be cookies!

OK, not really cookies. But we'll give away USB sticks so you can learn how to make an encrypted USB stick to carry your private stuff around.

Here you will learn and do these things:

  • Set up a USB stick with an encrypted filesystem.
  • Create a GPG key.
  • Split your GPG key into a master key you keep at home, and signing/encryption keys you carry around with you.
  • Follow GPG best practices.
  • Sign other people's keys (keysigning party).
  • Create an SSH key if you don't have one already.


Please RSVP so we know how many USB sticks to bring.

Duration: maybe around 2 hours.

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