GUADEC (GNOME Users and Developers European Conference) is a yearly conference at which several hundred users and contributors of the Free and Open Source GNOME project meet to discuss latest developments and hack together. It's taking place at the Brno University of Technology from August 1-8, with August 1-4 being the core days filled with interesting talks. It's a friendly event and an excellent introduction to the GNOME community and Free and Open Source Software, as many talks are suitable for the newcomer level and big ideas about the development direction of free software and culture, GNU/Linux desktop, and other technologies are discussed.

The newcomers workshop will provide key information about the GNOME community and contributing to the project, and will allow newcomers make more sense of the other sessions they will attend, ask questions they have, and meet some established contributors. The newcomers workshop will also serve as a brief introduction to GNOME and Free and Open Source Software to people not attending the conference. Registration for GUADEC is not required to attend this workshop.

Try out GNOME and learn how to contribute

When: Thursday, August 1, 5-7pm
Where: Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology, Božetěchova 2, Brno; room D0207
Prerequisites: sign up, bring your GNU/Linux, Windows, or Mac laptop
Non-prerequisites: familiarity with GNOME, programming experience, GUADEC registration

You should consider attending the workshop if any of the following applies to you:

  • You have never used the GNU/Linux desktop, and would like to learn what it's like
  • You would like to learn more about the latest GNOME version
  • You would like to know how the GNOME community is structured
  • You would like to learn the process and the tools for contributing to GNOME
  • You would like to know how to approach contributing to any Free and Open Source Software project
  • You would like to start fixing simple bugs without spending time on building your own development environment

During the event we will:

  • Demonstrate latest GNOME 3.9 system
  • Give an overview of the GNOME community structure, collaboration practices, and ways to start contributing
  • Help people who don't have a recent GNOME system or are interested in a pre-installed development environment, install a GNOME system in a virtual machine
  • Help people work their way through the newcomers tutorial that teaches the process and the tools for downloading the code for a GNOME module, testing the module locally, submitting a bug report, and providing a fix for a bug

  • Discuss your interests in contributing to GNOME or any other Free and Open Source Software project and next steps
  • Answer any questions you might have

After the event we will:

  • Invite you to the party!

The following tools are used by the GNOME community for development and collaboration. During the workshop, you will learn and practice using many of them.


To help us know how many helpers we need at the workshop, please create an account for this wiki and add your name to the list below.

  1. MiguelAzevedo

  2. StanislavNowak

  3. TomasKarger

  4. OndrejSkopek

  5. JulitaInca

  6. AnaRey


Please add your name here if you would like to help at this event.

  1. Marina Zhurakhinskaya

  2. Owen Taylor

  3. HashemNasarat

  4. FabianaSimoes

  5. AndreasNilsson

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