GUADEC 2013 Marketing

We want to generate media during the conference. This will help to create interest in GNOME, and communicate all the cool stuff that is happening at GUADEC to the outside world.

We really need volunteers to make this happen. If you would like to help, either put your name down next to a task below, or get in touch on #marketing or the marketing list.


  • Publish GUADEC blog posts leading up to the conference
  • Release a press release on the first day of the conference
  • Post summary news articles describing each day's events.

General Guidelines

  • Focus posts on Monday - Thursday. This is better for generating traffic.
  • Try and post when the majority of our followers are online, during work hours for Europe and North America.
  • Blog posts should go on
  • Blog posts should be accompanied by microblogging posts.

Posts & Authors

Feel free to put yourself down for one of these tasks. They are each quite small.



Keynote writeups should be short posts that describe some of the key points and why they are relevant for GNOME. They should also ideally include a picture or two. A good format for headlines would be something like: "<speaker's name>: <something important about GNOME>".

Each daily summary should be posted on the day in question, before it is too late in the evening. They don't need to cover everything that happened in that day. Instead, they should focus on giving a flavor of the conference. A key goal here is to make readers feel like they have got a sense of the conference. We should be communicating the atmostphere and the excitement. Each of these posts should include plenty of nice pictures.


30 July

"Brno Awaits". Details of the welcome event, instructions on how to follow the action online.

1 August

"GUADEC 2013 Gets Underway in Brno, Czech Republic". Should link to the press release.

"GUADEC Day 1" - news and events from the first day.

2 August

"GUADEC Day 2" - news and events from the second day.

5 August

"GUADEC Days 3 and 4" - recap the events of the weekend.


7 August

"GUADEC Days 5 - 7" - recap the BoF days


8 August

"GUADEC Wraps Up Another Year" - review/closing post.

Comments & Suggestions

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