Football match

We have a pitch available on August 5th, 17:00 to 18:30.

The pitch is synthetic and very close to Red Hat's Brno office. Call the organizer, Jaroslav Reznik (+420 602 797 774), in case you won't be able to find it.

  • (!) We play friendly and for fun
    There has never been any injury, except against Bastien, but for extra safety bring a pair of shinpads. Also, comfortable clothes and shoes are suggested. Traditional grass football boots are forbidden! Turf for synthetic pitch are allowed.

Sign Up Sheet



Preferred field position

Bastien Nocera



anything but keeper

Adam Reviczky

anything but keeper

John Stowers

anything but keeper

Xabier Rodriguez (calvaris)

I can't on 5th, but I could if it were 31-4th

Rui Matos

anything but keeper

Jiri Eischmann


Giovanni Campagna

anything, defender preferably

Evgeny Bobkin

attacking midfield, not keeper

Andrea Veri

attacking midfield, not keeper

Jaroslav Reznik

anything, organizer

Mathieu Duponchelle

anything but keeper

Thibault Saunier

anything but keeper

Anton Belka

anything but keeper

Ideal number of players is 10 for 4+1, 5+1 works too (or 4+1+1).

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