We always want to improve GUADEC and welcome comments from attendees. Post your feedback here!


  • It would be nice if we had hands free mics for keynote speakers. - SriramRamkrishna

    • Every room should have a hands-free mic and an additional two mics for passing around for audience questions - DavidKing

  • Easy access to water for attendees would be appreciated
    • Tap water may be drinkable, if it is, this should be made clear - Kat

  • Power extension cords are sorely missed in lecture rooms
    • Power sockets are on the underside of every desk - Kat

  • Very clear signage for lunch and location of rooms would be great.
    • GUADEC-themed signage would be good for next year - Kat

    • I had no problems finding lunch, plus there were enough people who would have pointed you the right direction. - Cvanca


  • Put the evening events on the website, either on the schedule or as a separate events page
  • Regardless of whether there is a separate Board Q&A or not, the new board should be introduced at the beginning of the AGM.

  • A proposal about intern lightning talks - in my opinion it would help to maybe move the intern talks to one of the first days, ideally before an evening party (Thu or Fri evening). That way people can approach interns and maybe discuss some issues and help, which is not possible if the lightning talks are on the last day before everyone heads from the conference. - Cvanca, aakash

  • Schedule the AGM on Saturday afternoon because that is when there are usually the most attendees - Kat

  • Two parallel rooms for talks worked really well in my opinion. Definitely something to do next year. - AllanDay

  • Someone suggested (can't remember who) that we could intersperse keynotes with "technology highlight" talks - basically, important GNOME talks that maybe don't work as keynotes, but everyone might want to attend (Lennart's talk certainly fitted into this category). - AllanDay

  • It would be good to put the football game on the BoF schedule, so that people can organise around it. - AllanDay

  • I wonder if four days of BoFs is too many. Most people have usually left before the final day, making it feel a bit flat towards the end. Also, eight days of conference is a lot. - AllanDay

    • I would like to see only two BoF days next year, the last two days were slow and people tended towards doing their own thing instead of hacking together - Kat

    • it was difficult for me to take 8 days off work, I would much prefer to take only 6 (including two over the weekend) - Kat

  • 9am is just too early to start, and the audience level was lower than it should have been for the first session of the day. - AllanDay

    • I would like to see 9:30-10 am starts most days, without compromising on finishing at a sensible time - Kat

  • 40 minute breaks were too long, 20-30 minutes would have been better - Kat

  • We could follow LCA's lead and do a rolling schedule: 9am the first day then a half hour later each subsequent day, compressing the breaks. Long breaks the first day are great when there's a lot of meeting, greeting and networking but later in the conference it's less necessary (or welcome). -KarenSandler

Website & communication

  • Communicate a bit better who the keynote speakers are and why their talk is interesting. Or does everybody know who Matt Dalio is?
    • Matt Dalio specifically asked us not to publicize his talk too widely due to the nature of the content. -- Debarshi Ray

  • please add speaker bios on the guadec website.
  • All scheduling information about GUADEC events should be linked to from guadec.org (especially the schedule for the bofs).
  • It would be good to make it clear which days the talks/BoFs will be on. At least one speaker wasn't aware of this and had to drop their talk because they planned their travel to be there at the end. We should also explain what happens on the BoF days - some newcomers seemed to leave early because they weren't sure whether those days were relevant to them. - AllanDay

  • It would be awesome if people could just click a button and add a talk to their Google Calendars. The button could be there in the talk's description, and it looks like it can be done using this - Event Publisher Guide - Calendar Help - aakash


  • Was denied salad and desert at lunch, even though there was no vegetarian soup for the 2nd day in a row.

    • There should always be at least one each available of vegetarian starter, main and dessert. Started adding information to GuadecPlanningHowTo/Food - Kat

  • If a sponsored party comes with tickets for drinks, the sponsor(s) should be printed on the individual tickets.
  • I loved the atmosphere and people, thank you very much for great time! - Cvanca

  • Loved the amount and availability of electricity sockets under tables, plus short waiting time for lunch. -- AndreKlapper

  • The games for interns worked really well last year, and were missed in 2013. It would be great if this could be extended to anyone who is attending GUADEC for the first time, and not just interns. - AllanDay

    • I had feedback from a few interns that they did not enjoy the games, although was nice to see them talking to everyone - Kat

  • We had a lot of people asking if the talks would be streamed and/or when the talks would be available to view online. I know it's hard, but it would be absolutely fantastic if we could stream the talks and allow participation via IRC. - AllanDay

  • It would be great if the interns' lunch was *not* on the first day because that makes it difficult to socialise with them at the start of the conference and by the second day, many people have lunch meetings arranged - Kat

  • The whiteboard at the main hall was a great idea. Good place to find schedule changes and announcements.
  • Lack of good hacking spaces during the core days.

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