GNOME and Businesses, BOF during Guadec 2013

Attendees (Affiliations)

  • Lionel - Lanedo
  • Olivier - Collabora
  • Karen - GNOME foundation
  • Seif - Ex-Collabora, now Deutche Telekom
  • Felipe - No affiliation
  • Max - EZ Go Linux
  • Chen - No affiliation
  • Fabiana - Web team.
  • Garret - Suse
  • Federico - Suse.
  • Marina - Red Hat

Initial discussion

Lionel : Witnessing a decrease of GNOME customers at Lanedo

Olivier : still two very large multinational customers + endless mobile + all the GStseamer customers. Example of smaller customers like Touchtunes.

Federico : Suse not deployment of GNOME 3 in SLED

Karen: GNOME foundation is a non-profit cannot promote businesses. IRS have been quite annoying in this regard with, for example, the Linux Foundation. But GNOME foundation could provide the infrastructure for a GNOME businness committee. That committee would meet and evaluate potential GNOME customers

All agree on setting a business committee

The Business Committee

Business Committee tasks:

  • Maintain a list of companies that offer GNOME services
  • A list of products using GNOME technologies
  • point of contact
  • providing material and people for GNOME booth
  • List big GNOME deployments. (already on the wiki in GNOME Marketing, ask Marina)
  • Provide success stories blog post.

=> acts like a mini-trade association.


1. Find people to man the committee. Any volunteer can be part of the committee. (responsible: Lionel)

Initial members: Lionel, Karen, Federico. People we should talk with: Juan José Sanchez, Dave Neary, Murray.

2. Reinvigorate the mailing list. (Lionel)

3. Provide content for three webpages that would contain: A list of GNOME technologies, a list of products using GNOME technologies, a list of companies offering GNOME support/services. (Lionel)

4. Integrate this content into the GNOME website (Fabiana)

5. Provide success stories blog posts and update the three pages (The whole committee)

Goal: have a webpage live by mid-september

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