• Christophe Fergeau - Experienced on paper selection and talk schedules
  • BrianCameron - Work on call for bid for the GUADEC 2012

  • EmilyChen - Work on building the GUADEC committee

  • Bob Murphy - Coordinating committee
  • Shaswat Nimesh - Work on Marketing and Website.
  • Rodrigo Padula - Experienced on events organization/planification (FUDCon, FISL, Flisol and many others) Web marketing, community and contributors engagement.
  • BharathAcharya - Work on marketing and managing the travel applications and budgets.

  • WilliamfromTexas Carlson - Worked on communications for GUADEC2010 and DS2011. Wrote press releases, event blog posts, articles and interviews, did social media (GUADEC) and provided input on website. Can also help coordinate other aspects.

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