Minutes for Meeting of July 11th, 2011

Next Meeting

  • July 18th, 2011 - 14:00 UTC


  • Bob Murphy
  • Brian Cameron
  • Christophe Fergeau
  • Dave Neary
  • Emily Chen
  • Florian Nadge
  • Koen Martens
  • Matteo Nunziati
  • Petr Kovar

Meeting Minutes

  • Thank those that submitted their bids.
  • Review current bids for GUADEC 2012.
  • Important time line:
    • July 11 - July 18 Bid team and review team can update/defend/give feedback during this time
    • Next GUADEC IRC meeting: July 18th
    • Bid review team vote for the bids by July 26th, 2011

New Items

  • [Emily] - Write a document to list all the facts, then ask the bid review team to give score to each bid.

On Going Items

Closed Items

  • [All] - Provide feedback to Jiri Eischmann about Brno's bid
  • [Bharath] - Draft an email about the announcement of postponed the call-for-bid deadline to July 8th, 2011. Brian and Emily will help to review the draft email
  • [Emily] - Invite GNOME.Asia team to help on review bids and give feedback

IRC log

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