Minutes for Meeting of June 20th, 2011

Next Meeting

  • July 11st, 2011 - 14:00 UTC


  • Brian Cameron
  • Emily Chen
  • Bharath Acharya
  • Andre Klapper
  • Jiri Eischmann


Meeting Minutes

  • Review current bids and potencial organizors who show their interests.
  • We discussed whether to postponed the deadline for GUADEC 2012 call-for-bid, we vote and agree to extend the deadline to July 8th, 2011.
  • Jiri Eischmann asked feedback for the Brno's bid. Brian suggest it can improved by: The bid could introduce us a bit more with the volunteer community. how much structure does it have? Network/Wifi ? Letters from people who are going to help make it happen letting us know that they are in support. etc.

New Items

  • [Bharath] - Draft an email about the announcement of postponed the call-for-bid deadline to July 8th, 2011. Brian and Emily will help to review the draft email
  • [All] - Provide feedback to Jiri Eischmann about Brno's bid
  • [Emily] - Invite GNOME.Asia team to help on review bids and give feedback

On Going Items

Closed Items

  • [Bob, Brian, Emily] - Create live.gnome.org/GUADEC/2012, and to start contacting user group and party contacts in European hub cities.
  • [Emily]- Create a upcoming meeting agenda wiki page so everyone can add new agenda there
  • [Emily, Brian] - Draft a standard letter to contact potencial organizors to telling them that we would like them to consider helping to host GUADEC near their region.

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