Input Sources BoF

Held on Tuesday 31 July at GUADEC.

Priorities for 3.6

  • Switch from whitelist filtering to a blacklist that excludes xkb engines (682313)

  • Fix non-GTK+ applications by switching to the simple ibus engine for xkb layouts (680313)

  • Make sure shell StEntries stay in sync with GTK+, as far as engines are concerned (680312)

  • Support for 3rd level chooser/compose key in shortcuts panel (Done)

  • Support for ctrl/caps swap and similar keyboard variants in gnome-tweak-tool (678171)

  • Add hiragana/katakana menu to keyboard status, including switching icons (682314)

  • Language-dependent defaults for Ctrl-space, and other keybindings (682316)

  • Add back xkb statusicon for fallback mode (679819)

  • OSD for Ctrl-space switching in gnome-shell ([[682315])

  • Fix up missing icons/wrong labels in engine descriptions


  • Preedit support in StEntry (664041)

  • Refinements for the add dialog (structured list) (682317)

  • Expose engine options other than hiragana/katakana in the shell menu (682318)

  • Make 'Add to dictionary' available in context (682324)

  • Get dictionary words online
  • Handle language-specific input keys (682319)

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