GUADEC 2012 in Brno, Czech Republic

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About Project

We'd like to organize GUADEC 2012 in Brno, Czech Republic. Because it's a community-organized and driven conference we're looking for community volunteers who want to help with organizing.


Please add your name and skills, experience, or contacts that may be useful for us.

Jiří Eischmann (Red Hat, member of GNOME Foundation) - organizing smaller Linux events, contacts to Brno technical universities etc.

Lucas Lommer (GNOME Foundation) - I generally have no free time :( so pick up - let's say - a week and I'll find some holiday to help with whatever issue I can do (support stuff, networking, dummy coding, translations ??? dunno)

Petr Kovář (Red Hat & GNOME Foundation) - technical translator & writer, willing to help with whatever I can.

Tomáš Bžatek (Red Hat)

Jozef Mlích (Brno University of Technology)

Florian Nadge (Red Hat & Fedora) - technical writer & editor


Ideas, suggestions,...

JE: Anyone able to typeset professionally looking proposal (Scribus, LaTex,...)?

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