PyGObject hackfest at GUADEC 2012


July 30th 2012, 10:00 - 19:00


Room 2.1b @ GUADEC 2012


Martin Pitt <>


Anyone interested in Python GI porting, fixing PyGObject bugs, or introspectability of libraries

If you are developing GObject-introspection based Python applications and have some problems with PyGObject, this is the time and place to get to know each other, getting bugs fixed, learn about pygobject's innards, or update libraries to become introspectable. Martin will have a list of easy things to look into if you are interested in learning about and getting involved in PyGObject's development.


/!\ None of this is a commitment, just a pool of ideas what is on-topic on the hackfest. Feel free to add your own, and/or add your name to a topic if you are interested in working on it.

pygobject itself

non-trivial pygobject bugs

  • Disallow g_object_new() constructor for objects which do not have a public constructor (#675581)

Porting applications to PyGI

Making libraries introspectable

  • glib G-DBus for server objects: #656325 (Martin)

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