Volunteer meeting, May 8th, Den Haag

Saturday, May 8th, we invite everyone interested in volunteering at GUADEC 2010 over in The Hague for the second GUADEC 2010 volunteer meeting. The meeting is hosted at Revelation Space.

Next to providing an opportunity to get to know eachother, we will also discuss the several teams needed to make GUADEC 2010 a succes and give an update on the current state of things.

We start at 13:00 hours.


Please feel free to add/edit.

  1. Who's who
  2. Minutes last meeting
  3. Pre-conference
  4. Parties and social events
  5. Teams
    • press
    • registration
    • web
    • logistics
    • technology
    • heralds
    • parties
  6. Promo materiaal
  7. Schedule
  8. AOB


Guadec meet up, Sat May 8th, 2010.

Attending :

- Koen Martens (chairman) - William from Texas (communication) - Petra Keppler (new to the scene, has experience in setting up conferences) - Reinout van Schouwen (frequent Guadec attendee) - Olav Vitters (frequent Guaded attendee) - Wouter Bolsterlee (frequent Guaded attendee) - Mart van de Wege (local gnome-fan) - Willem Jan Faber (local gnome-fan, taking notes)

== Minutes previous meet up:

ACTION: Bruce Bruce will talk to the HHS to check whether the network is capable of handling 500 tech savy Gnome hackers, Wouter mentioned that he knows someone in the HHS network team (Eric Keur (e.keur@hhs.nl)).

ACTION: Koen Koen noted that he still had to contact some of the people who can help making Guadec a success (see minutes from 3rd April).

Discussed things about AV, conclusion for every room there has to be a volunteer attending to help out with AV stuff. (team logistics)

ACTION: Koen Lunch, there will be no hot meals inside the HHS, there will be some sandwiches on sale within the HHS. Since the HHS is surrounded with local restaurants, people will have to go out to grab some warm food. Arrangements must be made to serve coffee and tea, with a cake and cookies during small breaks.

Gnome art team must be activated to help make Guadec swag, Willem Jan can help to create artwork.

== Finance stuff

ACTION: Koen Foundation members will get a 25 euro discount for the 100eur fair, which will include a free t-shirt.

ACTION: Koen checks with Sanne to keep tabs on Interaction Local sponsors must be contacted, to make the conference a financial success. There is a list with local sponsors, these have to be contacted more, and Exact software, XS4ALL must be added to the list.

ACTION: Petra, William There was some bad PR about the costs of flying to the Netherlands, therefore the travel page must be updated.

The conference must get more attention to the possible attendees, Petra suggested to pick a date to talk again about this specific subject.

== Promo

ACTION: design team We don't believe in flyers, rather have a pdf people can print and hang on walls as poster.

ACTION: William Press is done by Sanne and Zonker, William will give Sanne a call to see where he can help.

== Action list

ACTION: Olav Olav will fix a mailing list for the webmasters. Koen must send Olaf the e-mail address of the Admin. (sense?)

ACTION: William, Sense Sense: (Wiliam has a googlemap available of the area), hotel's and luchrooms/restaurans are currently missing on the conference map.

ACTION: Koen Koen: Will have to arrange an extra room for the first two days (BOF space)

ACTION: Olav Olav will put the Guadec feed on gnome planet, Koen will have to send Olaf a reminder mail about this.

ACTION: Koen Koen will have to get the payment system on line, ASP, this can be done because the certificate has finally arrived from bureaucracy land.

ACTION: William, Petra William and Petra will review the travel page to explain that flying via Brussels, Germany and Eindhoven is a lot cheaper. Also there have to be pointed out that the are more cheap hostels in Den Haag.

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