Volunteer meeting, april 3rd, Utrecht

Saturday, april 3rd, we invite everyone interested in volunteering at GUADEC 2010 over in Utrecht for the first GUADEC 2010 volunteer meeting. The meeting is hosted at Randomdata.

Next to providing an opportunity to get to know eachother, we will also discuss the several teams needed to make GUADEC 2010 a succes and give an update on the current state of things.

We start at 13:00 hours.


Please feel free to add/edit.

  1. Who's who
  2. Update
  3. Pre-conference
  4. Teams
    • press
    • registration
    • web
    • logistics
    • technology
    • heralds
    • parties
  5. Promo materiaal
  6. 2011
  7. AOB

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