FreeFA Cup 2010

Football! Soccer! Fútbol! Futebol! Voetbal! Fußball! كرة القدم! 足球! sokker! calcio! At The Hague! (feel free to add your translation in your language)

Photos of the game

The match is being planned by, email any question to the guadec-list or to us:

  • Mario González mgonzalez at gnomeDOTorg
  • Diego Escalante Urrelo


  • Monday 26th, July: teams are closed (you'll be able to play but you'll end in a random team)
  • Tuesday 27th, July: GAME!


Sign up here!




  • Everybody meet at the GUADEC info desck at 19h
  • Playground is at Zuiderpark, tram line 9 or 8, stop when you see a big green park (that's certainly Zuiderpark) on your right.

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