GTK Team Meeting @ GUADEC 2010

The usual meeting at GUADEC of the GTK+ team. The face to face meeting allows discussions with a bigger bandwidth than mailing lists and the bi-weekly IRC meetings.

The meeting is open to all.

/!\ UPDATE: the meeting has been moved on Wednesday, July 28th between 14:00 and 16:00


To help us organize the workshop, please add your name below if you plan to attend.

  1. EmmanueleBassi

  2. AlbertoRuiz

  3. DanielleMadeley

  4. KristianRietveld

  5. JavierJardon

  6. BenjaminOtte

  7. CarlosGarnacho

  8. RyanLortie

  9. DanWinship

  10. NicolasDufresne

  11. ChristianDywan

  12. ClaudioSaavedra

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