GUADEC 2010 Documentation Workshop

Shaun McCance will lead a documentation workshop during the GUADEC 2010 pre-conference, all day on Tuesday, July 27th. (See the BoF schedule.) The documentation workshop is a guided planning and writing session for both user and developer documentation. Shaun will work with you to help you plan and write better content.

There will be a list of topics for both user help and developer help. You can pick topics off the list to write, or you can bring in your own application or library and get expert assistance in planning the documentation.

This is an open workshop. You do not need to attend all day. You can come and go as you want. Please plan to spend at least half an hour, though. It's difficult to get much accomplished in less time than that.


To help us organize the workshop, please add your name below if you plan to attend.

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