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  • Tafira Campus. You can reach it by bus 327 or 328 from Santa Catalina station. Bus 327 runs every 20 minutes, bus 328 runs every half hour approximately.
  • Your bus ticket will get you home. You'll need a new ticket for tomorrow's travel - it will be handed out at sometime today.


  • There is a party hosted Wednesday night by Collabora:
    • Where: the golf course:

    • When: at 21:30.
    • open bar from 10 till 1. beer + wine + soft drinks
    • around 30 bottles of spirits for free
    • finger food
    • ♫ music ♫
  • There is a dinner organized by GNOME Hispano Wednesday at 21:30 (we are going Collabora Party a bit latter)
    • Where: BODEGON EL BIBERON, Google Maps C/ Pedro Del Castillo Westerling 15, 35008 Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain‎

    • When: at 21:30
    • Who: anyone is invited (please register here)

    • What: Typical Canarian Food
    • Price: arround 25€ but partially sponsored by GNOME Hispano (we expect around 10-15€/person final price)

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