• Watching out rooms? (Baris should provide some info on what is needed exactly, last year filmation needed a hand but this year he said the univ is doing it?)
  • Front desk (ids and t-shirts). Material needed:
    • A big GNOME logo/banner
    • Volunteer schedule (who will be volunteering where and when)
    • Possibly a computer and a printer for on-site registrations (to print people's badges)
    • A big city map with important places (hotels, party venues...) highlighted
    • It is probably more convenient to have a separate desk for swag (t-shirts, etc), at least for the first days.
  • Would be nice to prepare the swag bags (i.eg. folding t-shirts) before the event starts.
  • Finding a field for the FreeFA Match

  • Doing a "For dummies" map of how to get from hotels to the venue
  • Writing a 10 item list of must-know phrases of Turkey (thanks, bye, yes, no, danger, food, bathroom, etc)


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