The event address

The event will take place at the BAHÇEŞEHİR ÜNİVERSİTESİ which can be found at:
Osman Paşa Mektebi Sokak No: 4 - 6
34100 Beşiktaş
İstanbul / Türkiye

Using Public transportation

For the use of public transportation in Istanbul, people usually uses the AKBIL, its price is around 3-4 € = 6 YTL works similarly to a prepaid card. You can get one in any box office of AKBIL.
Using akbil, the tickets cost around 0,75€ and the transfers cost around 0,3€. With the AKBIL you can do up to 5 transfers in 2 hours.
Also, you must take into account that if you use the AKBIL with other people, only one would benefit of the discount.

Arriving from Sultanhamet (and Sirkeci)

Sulanhamet and Sirkeci is where the Golden Horn hotels are placed and were all the people with accommodation sponsorship would be lodged.

By tram and bus

First, You will get in the tram at Sultanahmet (or Sirkeci) station whichever is nearer to your Hotel, and get off at Kabatas station. The first time, it would be a great idea ask the staff which side will bring you to Kabatas. On the Tram you'll made the following route: Sultanhamet, Gulhane, Sirkeci, Eminonu, Karakoy, Tophane and finally Kabatas.
After getting off the tram, you will see the sea, walk accross the sea side of the street, there is a bus station, and you can get in the bus which goes to Besiktas, almost all busses pass from Besiktas.

By taxi

It costs around 5-6 YTL = 4 €.

Arriving from Taksim


Begining from the Marmara Hotel, you will take the hotel your right side and you will follow the way, after some walk, the way will turn right, when you take right you shall be in Gumussuyu and see some DOLMUS, a yellow minibus, ask the driver about BAHCESEHIR UNV. and take it.

By bus

Take a public bus in Taksim Square. You should ask the driver if they are going to Besiktas. Also, you should be careful if you use public bus, as some go to Asian side of Istanbul so they get double price by AKBIL, to avoid that, you shall say to driver "Besiktas" and pay with cash.

If you get lost

You should call Ali at +90 544 626 6138


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