The Gnome Project announced a task on Google Highly Open Participation Contest where the participant had to compile a list of most loved and hated things about GUADECs. I sent out almost 370 e-mails, but only received 58 answers. Despite the fact that some of the e-mail addresses were expired and the Hotmail system rejected my letters, I believe about 350 addresses should have got my message.

Here you can find the list of the most loved and hated things.


  • slow WLAN
  • better maps would be useful (and should be put to obvious places)
  • schedules and signs showing where the talks are would be nice to have on the walls
  • too small rooms for presentations which lots of people wanted to attend, too large rooms for presentations in which only a few were interested
  • more social activities would be good, as some have complained that they couldn't do anything after GUADEC hours in Birmingham
  • from the ETAP hotel in Birmingham some had their money and things stolen
  • it would be good if the organisers took care of the hotel reservations so that everybody could stay in one hotel (like in 2006)
  • some insisted that videos of the talks and the slides should be downloadable from a central place
  • food was hated in Birmingham (literally, 90% of the people mentioned the bad food :))

  • the surnames were too small on the badges, nicknames were missing
  • more showcasing would be nice. i. e. more companies should present how they use Gnome/GTK
  • wasn't obvious drinking water in Birmingham (I don't know what that means, but some mentioned they couldn't find any water around)


  • organised social events and sports activities(though more would be welcome, see the HATE part)
  • conference center (easy approaching, suited the needs of the conference)
  • the accommodation
  • free stuff :)

  • helpful community (newbies are welcome and guided, questions are answered properly, people are regarded)
  • the atmosphere/people
  • variety in talks (topics for both beginners and hardcore developers)
  • interesting topics, nice presentations
  • visiting foreign countries, getting to know new cultures
  • lightning talks
  • GUADECs are great opportunities to exchange ideas, and code together, so things get done very quickly
  • good schedules
  • coding in the hotel hall

My helper was Baris Cicek, and also he was the one who insisted that a wiki page should be created so that the whole community can see what the results are of the survey. I want to thank everybody for the support.


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