When a room is full, you should email those who you have opted to share with and arrange to make the booking. The GUADEC organisers will not make reservations on your behalf.

Etap - 2-3 per room, 250 Rooms, ensuite

Formule1 - 2-3 per room, 62 rooms, shared toilet/bathroom

  • Room 1

Birmingham Central Backpackers - Dormitory style beds, 4-8 per room, 6 rooms

Comfort Zone - Apartments 4-8 per room

  • Note: Comfort zone only have expensive 2/3 bedroom flats (or flats equipped with double beds) that had not been booked as of 13 Jun

A cheap apartment or room with another programmer would be ideal. I can do this July 15-Aug 15 if the room and the programmer are both good. [oouc DELETECAPS at yahoo DELETECAPS period com]

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