Release v1.0

It is URGENT to release the drupal-based v1.0.

Critical bugs & features

Here is the list of critical bugs & features stopping the release:

There are more bugs open, but they are not critical for this release.


(This is the list of initial requirement proposed, needs consensus and update)

  • All the public information about the GUADEC7 needs to be there: dates, place, calendar...
  • News.
  • Links to all the resources involved in the GUADEC7.
  • Submission of papers.
  • Registration.
  • Donations.
  • Sponsors' logos.
  • Contact / Press Information
  • Downloadable and purchasable merchandising.
  • Ease the preparation of BOFs, meetings, hacking, social events by the community.
  • Webcast, galleries, presentations, conclusions, survey results...

Information Architecture

Goals & Requirements

Taken from the requirements page

  • Satisfy all GnomeWeb/UseCases

  • Easy Navigation
  • Easy Modification
  • Enable the use of multiple languages
  • Access for disabled people (eg. Blind, Color Blind, etc.)

GUADEC Specific Goals

  • To provide information about GUADEC (about GUADEC, location, sessions, ...etc).
  • To promote and market GUADEC to potential attendees (users, developers, press, and sponsors).
  • To provide a tool where people can register, signup and organize BOFs, sessions and talks.
  • To provide a medium where pre and post conference discussions can occur

Repeated Elements

  • Header
    • GUADEC Logo & Navigation

    • Gnome Logo & Navigation/Links

  • Footer
    • Trademarks, Legal, Terms, Privacy

Current Navigation

  • Schedule
  • News
  • Registration
  • Call for papers
  • Travel & accomodation

  • Get involved
  • About GUADEC
  • About (((place)))

Suggested Navigation

  • Primary
    • GUADEC 7
    • Forums
    • About
    • Archives
    • Store
  • Secondary
    • Gnome related links

Header Mockup


Another Header Mockup

I really like this version because it consolidates the navigation into a tight group... The problem is that there are currently too many links for gnome related sites... guadec_2006_header_mockup2.png

Yet Another Header Mockup


Front Page

Purpose and Goal

The Front page is the first page that potential attentees, sponsors, the press, and current users/developers see. Therefore, it is critical that the frontpage provides enough information about:

High Priority

  • Banner GUADEC 2006 - location, date, theme
  • Sponsors
  • Keynot Speakers
  • Latest Conference News
  • Sign up/Registration Links
  • Search

Medium Priority

  • About GUADEC
  • Latest News

Low Priority

  • Copyright, Privacy, Terms, RSS, etc
  • Preferences
    • Font size
    • Fixed/Liquid Layout
    • Different Languages
  • Subscribe (RSS)
    • Recent News
    • Recent Links



GUADEC 2006 Section

Purpose and Goal

At the GUADEC 2006 page, visitors should be able to find all the information they need to register, attend and even sponsor GUADEC 2006. The goal is to not only provide information but also attract the visitor to consider attending GUADEC. It should clearly present the value of attending, presenting or sponsoring GUADEC.

High Priority

  • About GUADEC 7
  • Why Attend
  • Featured Speakers
  • Sponsors
  • Registration Information
  • Exhibit/Sponsorship
    • Previous Sponsors

Medium Priority

  • Call for paper
  • Conference News
  • Events
    • Schedule-At-A-Glance
    • Schedule
    • Programme-Details
    • Previous Events
    • Upcoming Events
    • Expo
    • BOFs
    • Hacking
    • Tutorials
    • Tracks/Sessions
    • Pre-Conference Tutorials
    • Special/Social Events (Promotion on front page and around the site)
  • Media/Press Room
    • GUADEC Press Releases
    • Press Registrations

Low Priority

  • FAQ
  • Catalonia, Spain
    • About Catalonia
    • How to get there
    • Visa Information
    • Accommodation
    • Previous GUADECs & Locations

  • Subscribe(RSS)
    • Surveys/Results


GUADEC 2006 Overview Page






Event (incomplete)


About Section

General information page about GUADEC, GNOME, Organizers, Sponsorship, and Contact Information.

High Priority

  • About GUADEC
  • About GNOME
  • History of GUADEC
  • Team
    • Previous Organizers/Helpers
  • Contribute
  • About Sponsorship
    • Sponsors
    • Previous Sponsors
  • Contact Us
    • Categories
      • General Inquires
      • Website Inquires
      • Sponsorship
  • Mailing Lists
  • Subscribe(RSS)



GUADEC 2006 Team


Forums Section

  • General
  • Support

High Priority

  • Forum Topic
  • Comments
  • Comment Input Form

Medium Priority

  • Avatars
  • Similar Entries

Low Priority

  • Comment Control Panel
  • Recent Forum Topics
  • Recent Comments


guadec_2006_wireframe_forum_topic.png guadec_2006_wireframe_forum_comment.png

Archive Page

  • The Archive page is a comprehensive search/index page where visitors can easily find information based on several categories.
  • Recent News Title & Entries

  • Search Form
  • Entries By Date
  • Entries By Event Type
  • By Tag/Category
  • Recent Comments
  • Subscribe(RSS)



Store / E-commerce / Downloads

Perhaps this should be linked to the store

Sell GUADEC related merchandise.

  • GUADEC T-shirts
  • Old t-shirts
  • Buy Now


Still debating whether to use the image module. We might want to simply use flickr to support community images.

My Account/Login/Register

  • A customized login screen

Wireframe - Example listing of nodes


Technical Specifications

  • Drupal 4.7 (4.6.5)
  • Default 2 column layout, should be able to support 3 column layout
  • San serif font
  • Support fixed/liquid layout
  • Tango color palette
  • Tango icons

Tango Color Palette


Notes & Troubleshoot

See the outstanding bugs and the instructions to help betatesting.


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