Task list

Tasks in bold need urgent completion.

See also guadec.planner (v0.01, to be used with Imendio Planner, HTML export will be available once we have beta version)


  • to do
    • Local team constitution: to be completed in the meeting on 12/dec in Barcelona. QuimGil

    • Local team meetings routine: to be decided in the meeting on 12/dec in Barcelona. QuimGil

    • GUADEC-ES coordination team
    • LocalWorkshops coordination team

  • in progress
    • GUADEC committee constitution: who does what, the main roles should be covered ASAP. Deadline 12/dec. QuimGil

    • guadec-planning voice meetings routine: decided we meet every second Monday starting 5/dec, still not agreed the channel. QuimGil

  • done

Conference content

  • to do
    • Schedule: DaveNeary

    • Call for participation: text to be published, comprises deadlines, tracks, formats of interventions. DaveNeary

    • Keynotes
    • Invited speakers & breaking news

    • BOFs & informal but integrated activities

    • LocalWorkshops

    • postGUADEC events
  • in progress
  • done



  • to do
    • Travel expenses: GermanPooCaamano

    • Marketing budget: QuimGil

    • Hospitality budget

    • Conference budget: QuimGil

    • Sponsorship tariffs and estimate: QuimGil

    • Registration tariffs and estimate: defining profiles, prices, discounts and expected income. FernandoSanMartinWoerner

    • General budget: depends on all the budgets and estimates. Deadline 9/jan. QuimGil

  • in progress
  • done


  • to do
    • List of possible local sponsors (Catalan and Spanish level + local branches of international corporations).
    • Who and how contact local sponsors.
  • in progress
    • GUADEC portfolio for possible sponsors: first exchange of ideas and materials. QuimGil

    • List of possible global sponsors. Just a brief first scketch based on previous GUADEC.
    • Who and how contact global sponsors. First emails sent to planning and board.
  • done


  • to do
    • Find accountant. The board will find one for the whole Foundation.
    • Decide cash flow dynamics: bank accounts used, who may pay on behalf GNOME, $ vs €...
    • Investigate whether the GNOME Foundation bank(s) offer web payment platform.
    • Keep books.
    • Petty cash & site management. QuimGil

  • in progress
    • Decide registration payment channels. First proposal combining bank transfers, visa payments through PayPal and PayPal payments. Under discussion.

  • done
    • 2/dec - Decide the right way to pay GUADEC.related expenses. Provisional decision is: ask for budget approval, pay and invoice for yourself, invoice the Foundation afterwards.


  • to do
    • Arrangement of rooms and equipment: to be defined in the visit to Vilanova on 13/dec. QuimGil

    • Wifi
    • Security
    • Insurance
  • in progress
  • done
    • 1/dec/05 - Definitive place and dates: Vilanova i la Geltrú announced as the board needs to decide. DaveNeary

Communication & Media

  • to do
    • Travel suggestions: Earlier is cheaper.
    • Online registration: what exactly needs to be done, data management. FernandoSanMartinWoerner

    • Website setup: installing a Drupal CMS with the gnomedesktop.org theme, basic contents and some modules. FernandoSanMartinWoerner

    • Control over the server: find the best way to have access to the server to test, install... The protocol has been decided in theory with infrastructures. QuimGil

    • Web content maintenance and updates.
    • Press releases & Media pack

    • Media relations
    • Contact with the local groups
    • Conference printed program, leaflets and bag
    • Merchandising
  • in progress
  • done


  • to do
    • GUADEC party and off-GUADEC activities: Local team
    • Food: Local team
    • Accommodation - do we block book?: Local team
  • in progress
  • done


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