Sponsor Bronchure Work

The document: GUADEC-Sponsor-Brochure-Blue.pdf

The Scribus file with Images and template: Brochure-Blue.tar.bz2

For Highres PDF, download the archive and generate from Scribus. It should be around 10 Mo.



AndreKlapper: two small remarks: i'd like to see a wider margin for the nokia logo at page 4. the blue letters are not seperated from the blue background at all. and regarding the small blue stripe with those many gnome footprints: on some pages, they walk "up" (e.g. page 6 on the right), on some pages down (e.g. page 6 on the left). i'd prefer to only see them walk up. "down" is always a negative association.... ;-) thanks for considering.

Murray: If possible, we'd just make the logo a white "punch-out" on the blue background. Murray: Some logos are here if you need them: http://live.gnome.org/Stuttgart2005_2fInternalPlanning_2fLogos

Remy Suen reports: On the second page, under the primary goals section, it says that: - to developers and contributors to meet; I'm guessing it should say: - to meet developers and contributors;

QuimGil - We need to specify the license of the document. CC share alike?


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