You can find the last version of the GUADEC 2006 schedule at The grouping by after hours/lightning talk/core/warm-up for all submitted talks is in GUADEC contents

Known issues

We are about to deliver the schedule to be published in the printed program. Below are the fixes that need to be applied. If you found a bug/problem, list it here.

WarmUp Weekend

  • Add Friday 23rd with "Nit de Sant Joan party at the beach" at 21h. The local team has provided the information about the activities on Friday 23rd. See

  • Miguel de Icaza session has been replaced by Pekka Reijula's in GUADEC's schedule.
    Miguel says "Let me get back to you in the morning, I think there is a chance we can change things on my schedule and I can get there on Sunday." If he can do it, we can find a place for Pekka's session, isn't it. It's obvious that Miguel won't be there on Saturday, so I used his time slot to allocate Pekka's. On Sunday we can arrange something for Miguel and others if necessary.

  • Missing GUADEC-CA and GUADEC-ES detailed schedules.(Done Baris)

  • Missing Google social event combined with football match (waiting for description)
  • GStreamer is spelled with capital G, capital S - please correct the spelling here and in the other sessions

  • John Laerum says: "Michael Natterer and I will not land in Barcelona in time for the presentation. Is it possible to swap days with someone?" Solved, Michael's talk moved to Sunday, they actually arrive on Friday (Josep)

  • There has been a confusion with the people of gnuLinEx. They submitted "The Futura Project and its relationship with GNOME" a couple some weeks ago, right after we created the WUW/AHW wiki pages. This session was lost, they thought it would scheduled (they called me and I answered it was enough submitting the talk, but didn't tell them about adding the session to the wiki page). Now they have a Motorola developer coming to Vilanova from the USA, with flight tickets already booked and pay by them... They called me today asking if we can add this session to the WUW schedule. (Working on it, probably will be held on Sat 19:00 in Balaguer, Josep)

  • There are some links missing in sessions submitted to (Fixed Josep)

Guadec Core

  • Missing info about the opening and the closure sessions. Jeff and Luis short speaks should be specified, isn't it? In fact, the opening at 10am in the marquee is completely missing. Same with the closure on Wednesday at 18h in the marquee.

  • Quim and Alex sessions on Monday need to be swapped (DONE DN)

  • Dave, should we put on schedule the screening and commentar of Elephants Dreams? What about Monday at 19h after keynote. DN: I don't think there's a need - certainly not in the printed schedule. If we get a decent projector (we need someone to look into that, I guess) we can add it to the online schedule when the time comes. The Marquee will have a decent projector, and the other rooms as well.
  • Keynote: Catalan Speaker, the speaker is called "Norbert Bilbeny" (Done Baris)

  • Keynote: Big GNOME deployments: the GnuLinEx and Guadalinex use cases, by Antonio José Sáenz and José Ángel Díaz.(Done Baris)

  • Tuesday 27 at 16h "FLOSSPOLS report on Women in Free Software" - where now says "GPLv3 and Free Software Development" (Done Baris)

  • "GPLv3 and free software development" - to be on Wednesday at 16h in the place of "Blind access using the Orca screen reader" (Done Baris)

  • "Blind access using the Orca screen reader" on Wednesday at 16h in the place of "Portland - The Linux Desktop untangled" (Done Baris)

  • Missing Fluendo social event on Monday evening (waiting for description)
  • Missing Nokia social event on Tuesday evening (waiting for description)
  • Missing the Jam Session on Wednesday evening (waiting for description)
  • Anna Dirks session should be Building Your Own Lab for Peanuts (DONE DN)

  • The NetworkManager talk is this one: NetworkManager: Managing Networking Since the Summer of '04 by Robert Love (DONE DN)

  • The Telepathy talk is this one: !Telepathy Framework: Unifying IM, voice & video communications by Robert McQueen (DONE by Baris)

  • GStreamer is spelled with capital G, capital S - please correct the spelling here and in the other sessions (Done Baris)

  • The "Highlights of GTK+ 2.10" talk is done by Kristian Rietveld and Tim Janik, please also add Tim's name. (Done DN)

  • The lightning sessions should be specified in the printed progran, and therefore in the Core schedule.
  • We need the speakers of "Accessibility requirements: voice synthesis and screen magnification" - Quim has requested them by phone, they will be provided urgently to Sara, with bios and pictures.

  • We need the speakers of "GPLv3 and Free Software Development" - Quim has requested this info with urgency.

  • Some spell check needed in schedules. i.e. Anne's last name is in ASCII format

After Hours Workshops

  • Why the different colors? All the sessions are the same, no tracks or sub-events. Baris: I'll put the legend, those colors are for Topaz/Catwalk/Tangle etc. But if we have this only for Core, colors are useless. (Done Baris)

  • vuntz can't make the session "Dear admins, what do you need?". If he finds replacement it will go on Friday at 17h in Balaguer. Email sent to vuntz, no response. Post sent to GUADEC forum and Planet GNOME. Federico takes the sysadmins' session, waiting for the New GNOME contributors' session. Elijah is doing the new controbutors session. (DONE QuimGil)

  • Some sessions need to be linked (DONE QuimGil)

  • The small meetings sessions in the marquee need to be linked to pages in the wiki, or something. Now it's ugly/unuseful. (DONE QuimGil)

  • Murray's short talk in the closure should be mentioned, isn't it?

  • GStreamer is spelled with capital G, capital S - please correct the spelling here and in the other sessions (Done Baris)

  • Since Dave can't make the Marketing GNOME session scheduled on Friday at 15h, I've put instead Federico Mena's "Dear sysadmins, what do you need". Waiting for confirmation of both speakers. Confirmed.

  • Removed Reviewing Screen Resize (by Keith Packard) from Friday afternoon (15h Sala de Juntes) since the speaker won't be in Vilanova. He will find a BoF time during the Core days, and will be listed in the wiki or somewhere (no need to have the new session in the printed program


  • We need to make the same division of columns/places in the 3 chunks. Now Core has a different structure: Keynotes and the other plenary sessions go to Marquee, the first column is UPC Big, the second is Balaguer and the third is UPC small.(Done Baris

  • All the keynotes should have the same format, isn't it? Now some have just name and others have name and title of session.
  • The format "(by Luisito Peña)" looks ugly. Why do we need the ()? They shouldn't appear in the printed program. For the website, maybe the session linked + by + the speaker linked to profile would be better. In fact I think that speakers would need a separate link, as done at . This year we have profiles the own users ca edit, which is perfect.

  • Right menu for Schedule pages should be trimmed so that schedule tables won't overlap with the right menus. If necessary tables should have some padding from top. (DONE Baris)

  • We need to estate somehow that everyday doors are open at 9am and closed at 8pm. Now you can't deduce it.

  • Suggestions for the Opening and the 2 closures: "GUADEC Core Opening feat. Jeff Waugh", "GUADEC Core Closure feat. Luis Villa" and "GUADEC closure feat. Murray Cumming".

  • The name of the spaces were provisional, and these are the ones agreed by the local team. They are associated with numbers and colors to ease identification. These colors will be used in the on-site banners and they need to be used in the online schedule as well. Baris, you added the colors, but the names are still the old, provisional ones. Can you put i.e. "1. Carpa" instead of "Marquee"? Thank you.
    • Hall = 0. Vestíbul (aluminium #eeeeec)
    • Marquee = 1. Carpa (scarlet red #ef2929)
    • UPC Big = 2. Sala d'Actes (plum #ad7fa8)
    • Balaguer = 3. Museu Balaguer (chameleon #8ae234)
    • UPC Small = 4. Sala de Juntes (butter #fce94f)
    • Classroom = 5. Aula (sky blue #729fcf)


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