Requirements confirmed

Days & Schedule

  • 24 June, Sat. GUADEC - Local activities, Guadec-es/hispano, European BOFs...
  • 25-28 June, Sun. - Wed. GUADEC
  • 29-30 June, Mon. Post-GUADEC


  • Wireless network is available (with log-in)
  • Do we need non-wireless LAN to plug?
  • Should we offer desktop computers √† la cybercaf√©?
  • Bandwidth assured: ??? in - ??? out.


  • Better video recording
  • Better preparation for the presentations (beamers,etc.)

What do we need in each room. Put your requirements here.


Press & Marketing



Travel & Accomodation

  • Help people from other countries/regions
    • Create a nice map (how do I get from A to B?)
    • Create a map of the city showing the way to GUADEC
    • Make sure that there are enough hotels and youth hostels, etc. to stay
    • Think of inexpensive accomodation
  • Help on Visa for non-EU people needing help.

Put your requirements here.

Food & Drinks

In Stuttgart there was food4free. But there wasn't anything left in the afternoon. Maybe we can do better in Barcelona?!

Murray's suggestion:

  • An area for eating at lunchtime, and food to eat.

Dave: I would suggest that having coffee and cold drinks (coke, water) on tap, and letting people use the available facilities for food, would be fine.

Social/Parallel Events


  • Name tags

To be defined after discussing with the IGC

Printed program

To be considered:


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