Daniel Glassey

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Daniel Glassey is a Christian and enthusiastic believer in free software. He works part-time for a small software company and spends the rest of his time on free software projects, mostly for SIL International. He wants to see the free software desktop available to everyone in the world.

Daniel maintains SIL's Debian packages as well as working on Graphite integration with Pango.

Nicolas Spalinger

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Nicolas Spalinger believes in freedom and sharing. He is a volunteer with SIL International (scripts.sil.org), a world-wide NGO doing language-based development for minority language communities through linguistic research, translation and literacy. He has lots to learn, but in the meantime he contributes to i18n projects, especially in the area of free and open collaborative font design. He co-authored the community-approved Open Font License with Victor Gaultney. He maintains some font packages for Debian/Ubuntu and dreams of the day where any language and script will work nicely on the free desktop, allowing users to enjoy it in their mother-tongue. He's an enthusiastic GNOME user and he's looking forward to meeting the i18n experts in the GNOME community.

As a daytime job, he currently works as a systems and network administrator for Grid computing research projects focusing on health.

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