I18n for Everybody: Graphite, KMFL and Smart Fonts to Extend GNOME (by Daniel Glassey, Nicolas Spalinger)

Language: English

Track: Catwalk (showcases...)

Point of view: Developer

Type of session: Talk


This session will provide an introduction to the complexities of i18n for non-Roman languages and the great job Pango does behind the scenes. This will be followed by a detailed presentation of the SIL software stack and how it complements the existing i18n GNOME/GTK+ framework for complex scripts support: - Graphite: a complex script library integrated with Pango - KMFL: a smart input method - Charis SIL, Doulos SIL and Gentium: smart open fonts

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RegCon Presentation (by Jesús Corrius)

OpenOffice.org l10n Status and Minor Languages (by Charles-H. Schulz)

Minor Languages in FOSS Projects Initiatives

Localization Tools and Frameworks in OpenOffice.org

OpenOffice.org Localization Experiences

Debate and Conclusions (24th)

RegCon Presentation (by Toni Hermoso)

Mozilla l10n Status and Coordination (by Axel Pike)

Web Multilingual Localization. Mozilla Europe Case (by Pascal Chevrel)

L10n Tools and Frameworks in Mozilla

Mozilla Localization Experiences in Minor Languages

Debate and Conclusions (25th)


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