There are some major bugs in the booklet, here you have the patches:

  • Page 21: The summary of *Maemo Desktop Plugin Tutorial* is "The presentation consists of an introduction to the maemo-af-desktop (Task Navigator, Home, Status bar, the cornerstones of Maemo user interface). API changes coming to future versions of the software will be presented, as well as a hands-on tutorial how to create an applet for e.g. Home in Scratchbox."
  • Page 34: The summary of *Instant Messaging in GNOME* is "This session aims to discuss current instant messaging solutions available and give a perspective of where we are now and where we are going with instant messaging in GNOME."
  • Page 50: The summary of *System Integration and the GNOME Desktop* is "This session will discuss best practices for integrating GNOME with some of "all the other" software bits needed to run a fully functional and free desktop. It will focus on hardware specific integration but will attempt to discuss some useful patterns discovered whilst gluing the GNOME desktop and Linux kernel together via HAL and other technologies."
  • Page 51: The summary of *GPLv3 and Free Software Development* is "We are now halfway through the year-long public consultation for updating the GNU General Public License. It has been fifteen years since version two was published. This talk will present the main proposed changes - from lessening the harm of software patents, to preventing DRM from being used against users. This talk will also explain the public consultation process, what will happen when an official GPLv3 is published, and what each of us can do to make this process as effective as possible."
  • Page 56: The summary of *Power Management* is "Power Management is a feature that every user wants more of, but it's a tough problem, so it's hard to get right. However, there is a hope in the universe that we can get it right, so long as we get all of the pieces in the right place."
  • Page 70: The speaker of *Accediendo a la configuración del sistema a través de Liboobs* is called Carlos Garnacho.
  • Page 77: It has been a change in the Igalia's team. Xavier Castanho García should be replaced with Andrés Gómez García.
  • Page 78: Matthew Allum is the correct name of this OpenedHand team member.

... and some additional typos and small problems found when the booklet was already in the printer. Sorry about that.

Also, the content of the ligthning talks including talks submitted through the call for papers was not included. Please refer to the lightning talks page for details.


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