guadec-planning meetings

We meet every Monday at 20h UTC (21h Vilanova time) at #giadec in The agenda of the meeting is announced during the same Monday, although it is flexible and you can add your own points.

Everyone is invited. See the previous logs:

local team meetings

We plan to meet physically at least once a month. The default location of the meetings is the Secretaria de Telecomunicacions i Societat de la Informació (STSI) - Pg. de Gràcia, 11 esc. B, 6è 2a Barcelona - Tel. 93 363 83 60.


Agenda with their reporter:

* Wifi - GilForcada (to be confirmed)

* Audiovisual - AndyWingo (confirmed) More detailed sub-agenda here :

* Local Workshop - Lluis Sanchez (confirmed)

* General volonteer organization - LudovicDanigo (confirmed) & ToniHermoso (to be confirmed)

Possible Attendee:

Gil Forcada


In the STSI offices at 18h.

"L'objectiu bàsic de la trobada és deixar muntada una infraestructura local que ja no depengui de la coordinació general de la GUADEC en el dia a dia, i que pugui treballar directament en la creació d'un equip de voluntaris, el contacte amb els grups locals, etc."

Points to discuss:

1. Local participation in

2. Organisation of purely local tasks: printing materials, social events...

3. Volunteers teams organisation for welcoming, registration, speakers' support, press and promotion...

4. Warm Up weekend local activities.

Participants confirmed: Andreu Ibáñez, Andy Wingo, Carlos González, Lluís Sánchez, Ludovic Danigo, QuimGil, Toni Hermoso.

We will publish the minutes in guadec-list and we will link to them here.


First meeting. Points discussed.

  • Local team constitution and meetings routine
  • Integration of the local groups
  • Representants in guadec-planning
  • Vilanova - STSI - GNOME Foundation agreement
  • What local sponsors and who/how contact them
  • Local team budget
  • Contribution to website maintenance
  • How to promote speakers and keynotes
  • How to promote assistance and participation
  • Media relations
  • LocalWorkshops planning

  • Infrastructures report
  • Accomodation
  • GUADEC party and off-GUADEC activities
  • Meals
  • Press & video coverage

  • GNOME Catalan Group


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