Lightning talks

Lightning Talks are talks which are a maximum of 5 minutes long, including set-up time. Typically in a sixty-minute time slot there are 10-12 talks. They have become popular at conferences in the last few years.

Lightning talk proposals

Talk title



David Trowbridge

Frysk: an Execution Analysis Tool

Sami Wagiaalla

Silence, Motor, Action : PiTiVi lightning talk

Edward Hervey

Diva - rewind, fast forward

Michal Dominik

Transfer Manager as a system service

Jakub Pavelek

Elisa, an open-source Media-Center in Python/Gstreamer

Philippe Normand

TempusFugit: Research on Developer Activity

Juan Jose Amor Iglesias

Chronojump: GNOME GPL'd software & hardware in sport short time events mesaurement

Xavier de Blas

Extending Gnome-VFS File monitor

John McCutchan

What we did for the Iranian GNOME Desktop


Damned Lies — not just statistics!


Yast2 GTK - a prettier face

Michael Meeks

Jackfield - Apple's Dashboard for Gnome



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