1) We're planning to give a "certificate of attendance" to all the attendees to the GUADEC.

Text draft [IN ENGLISH], please, fix it :: /Certificate attendance. Corrected by Murray Cumming.

Lastest draft with graphics: certificate_attendance.pdf

2) Also, the Campus Universitari Mediterrània can give a "certificate of attendance with academical value of 40 hours". In order to do that, they required 80% of attendance to the sessions. There will be attendance lists in the morning and in the afternoon from the warm-up weekend til the after-hours (7 days in total). So, there will be 14 attendance lists. You need to sign on 8 of them.

We will deliver an informative leaflet about the university certicate of attendance in the welcome pack: Text draft [SPANISH/CATALAN/ENGLISH], please, fix it: /informative leaflet

Certificate text draft [IN SPANISH], please, fix it : /Certificado aprovechamiento. Approved by Núria Blanes

Lastest draft with graphics: certificado_aprovechamiento.pdf

The font used for the header of both certificates is the same used in the GNOME logo, that is Trebuchet MS. You can used this Windows executable trebuc32.exe or this tar.gz trebuchetMS.tar.gz (decompress this file on your home directory and open OOo for used it :-)

3) Tasks:

  • a) Design the certificates
    • - Text (correct typos, obtain university ok for the text). OK, corrections by Murray Cumming and Núria Blanes
    • - Graphics (logos sponsors, etc. We need good quality logos). OK, logos provided by Behnam Esfahbod
    b) Design a informative leaflet about what this "university certicate" is and what I have to do to get it.
    • - Waiting for Núria Blanes draft
    c) Organizate the process of making the certificates (what before, what at the GUADEC)
    • - The certificates of attendance and informative leaflets will be printed a week before of GUADEC.
    • - We need to provide the list of attendees to the Campus Meditèrrania.
    • - The university certificate of attendace will be printed on the GUADEC .
    d) Create a Volunteer Team for the certificates for the GUADEC. Its tasks will be:
    • - Give the certicates of attendance the first day of the official session on the registration process
    • - The informative leaflet about the university certicate of attendance will be given with the welcome pack or with the register card.
    • - Print the certificates of attendaces not printed for several problems (mistakes, last minute attendees, etc)
    • - Give/Collect the pages of attendance for the universitary certificate [Room volunteers will be on charge of that]
    • - Print university certificates of attendance.
    • - Count people attendace from the pages of attendance [how much sessions]
    • - Give the university certificate to the people who has attended the requiered number of sessions [Maybe infodesk volunteers could do that]


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