DaveNeary is working on this.

Proposal of papers database

What if GUADEC'2006 call for papers starts conforming a (public?) database of possible talks, presentations, BOFs, debates, showcases... People presenting these papers will be happy of being accepted to have time&space in GUADEC's official program, of course. But perhaps they would be also happy if we help them being invited to other events.

This Live Presentations Management Tool (LPMT) ;) could help also other GNOME and nonGNOME events finding the best speakers & sessions our community is able to deliver. Hence this would ease the fact that not-the-usual-suspects GNOME people will speak in conferences, acquiring more experience doing this and becoming new-usual-suspects for the good of the whole GNOME project.

More: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/guadec-list/2005-December/msg00055.html

We got interesting feedback:

  • Use the CERN agenda system. This is widely used in Physics conferences everywhere. http://agenda.cern.ch/List.php It has been very thoroughly tested. Check it out! Martin Sevior


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