What I liked about GUADEC 2005

  • Nametags
  • The party with C64 access
  • Lightning talks
  • The streaming video and video archives

What I didn't like about GUADEC 2005

  • Scarcity of (vegetarian) sandwiches in catering room
  • Beamers malfunctioning half of the time
  • The hours wasted fiddling with Thinkpads/X/projectors
  • Not enough time to travel between rooms from the end of one session to the start of the next.
  • First I missed the catering area -@#! even when I found out food was always out of stock

What could have been done better

  • IRC nick on the nametags
  • T-Shirts or buttons instead of nametags (I hate having stuff hang from my neck)
  • Presentation software (OO Impress) on public terminals
  • Direct availability of files created on the public terminals on some server
  • Longer breaks perhaps?

Ideas for next year's GUADEC

  • RubenVermeersch: Could the organisation please consider moving the date of GUADEC back a month or so, say to the first weekend of July? The current schedule (end of May) is very unfavorable for almost all European students (which have exams in June). I don't know about other students, but I still consider university as of a higher priority then GNOME (albeit not much higher ;-)). Wouldn't it be nice if GUADEC was planned so that students could participate too? After all, more students means more developers, and thus a step closer to 10 X 10.

  • NicolasTrangez: I agree 100% (I'm a student too :-) ) I had my first exam yesterday, so going to GUADEC was not really an option, although I'd have loved to be there. Almost everyone in Belgium (even Europe) got exams from the end of May untill the beginning of July.

  • DaveNeary: If the conference were a month earlier (late April, early May) would this be better? When dealing with conference facilities our hands are often tied.

  • NicolasTrangez: for me personally that'd fit much better, although I can understand it's not easy to find eg a university to give a conference when lessons are still going on.

  • RubenVermeersch: Any schedule that aims to avoid exam periods (and possibly aims towards university/college holidays) would be great!

  • ThiloPfennig: Better video recording required: at least 3 cameras. Video recordings should show readable text (too blury). Videos at http://stream.fluendo.com/archive/6uadec/ need editing (synchronization!). Better audio quality. More experts who know how to handle specific technical problems (maybe als have HOWTOs for local hardware)

  • TravisReitter: I'm also a student - most US final exams seem to happen between late May and mid-June. I really really would love to go to GUADEC next year (right after graduation), but I can't go on vacation a week before my finals (and don't want to miss my own graduation :))

  • GlynnFoster: I'd like a longer conference, with an initial social day [splitting up 2 hacker days]. With the social day, we all go somewhere as a team, have team building exercises like playing soccer, and have a bbq and beers. Ideal opportunity for people to meet new faces outside the classroom.

  • AndreKlapper: Hmm. I'm a German student, am I the only one having my tests in July? sigh... :-) If changing, then I'd prefer april to june.

Thank you for your feedback!


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