GUADEC - Stuttgart, Germany, May 29 - 31 2005

  • /GuadecFeedback - GUADEC 2005 is over now! Tell us how you liked it. What could have been done better?

This is the wiki for GUADEC 2005. If you've never used a wiki before, please have a look at QuickStart.

If you are coming to GUADEC, you should also subscribe to guadec-list to get announcements, discuss the conference, or just send your questions and suggestions.

The Sixth Annual GNOME User And Developer European Conference in Stuttgart is organized by the GNOME Foundation, in cooperation with Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation and GNOME Deutschland e.V.

  • /Travel - Information on getting to Stuttgart by train, plane or automobile

  • /Accommodation - a list of accommodation options, including special conference offers

  • Tell us you're coming - A list of attendees

  • /Stuttgart - Information on Stuttgart and how to get around in it

  • /FreeformSessions - a workspace for organising work sessions on Monday afternoon.

  • /LightningTalks - a series of 2 to 5 minute talks by GNOME hackers. If you have something to say, add your name.

  • /Bofs - Ideas and plans for Bird of a Feather sessions.

  • /FAQ - Frequently asked questions - add your questions here, or your answers.

  • /Volunteers - This is a table for all the local helpers to sign up for help

  • /Local-Tasks - Tasks to be done by local helpers...

  • /Communicate - Communicate while beeing on GUADEC to offer your help, meet, chat and start new GNOME projects

The GNOME Foundation would like to thank our sponsors, without whom the conference would not be possible.




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