GUADEC, Kristiansand 2004

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Schedules and Talk Notes and Slides

The formal online schedule is here. There is also an ics file available for those using latest EvolutionAndEvolutionDataServer.


If you clicked the box about volunteering in the registration process, please go to the main desk and get your volunteer job. And a tshirt :) (If you fancy a tshirt, please go and become a volunteer.) Jobs are anything from telling speakers they have five minutes left to selling baguettes at lunchtime.

What's Happening?

There are live videos, streamed with theora by fluendo.

Check out the streaming webpage at

Instructions for Totem, the de facto GNOME media player, are also on that page.

See also: instructions for viewing in Helix Player and RealPlayer for Linux


Everyone, link your slides in this section!

Random Cool Stuff

This is a playtoy for everyone, add your cool stuff here!


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