Grow GNOME Community in China

Current exist activities and community in China

Beijing GNOME Users Group

  • Very active, core member about 20 people
  • Monthly offline meeting, sometime co-host with Beijing Linux Users Group
  • Coding for fun activities in the weekend
  • Website:

GNOME Gifts Production in China

Organize SFD, organized by Beijing GNOME Users Group

  • Hosted every year in big universities in Beijing
  • This year will plan to have two tracks, one is workshop, another is speech.

GNOME books translation

  • Planning to translate <GNOME 3 Application Development Beginner's Guide>

  • However, no publisher want to print it because it is not making money
  • Might translate first as pdf or ebooks. Or re-write this book in Chinese
  • We have already contact the author: Mohammad Anwari, the copyright is owned by PACKT

Future Proposal to better grow GNOME in China

GNOME join OSS alliance in China

  • There is an idea to start a OSS foundation is China
  • Lots of process and policy, so first start a OSS alliance first
  • GNOME will be a core member of this OSS alliance
  • Emily has been join the first core member meeting to show support from GNOME community in China

Host a GNOME store in China

  • We did this 4 years ago, but did not continue
  • If we plan to produce GNOME gifts (Mousepad, T-shirts, stickers) in China, it is a good idea to re-open the GNOME store
  • GNOME store used to hosted in com

Open Source camp for students

  • Proposal by one Beijing GNOME community member
  • Host Summer Camp for university and high school students.
  • Including speech, lesson, workshop, install-fest, coding for fun
  • GNOME/Linux, Theory, License about Open Source is the main topic

Free & Open Source Software Marathon

  • I am interested in this idea after talking with Sri in GUADEC 2015
  • PM 2.5 might be a big concern if we host in Beijing

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