Rosanna Yuen's Job description

This job description was approved by the board on August 29, 2014 for Rosanna Yuen as the GNOME Foundation's Director of Operations.

The main focus of the Director of Operations is to make sure the Foundation is running efficiently.  She maintains good working relations with the Board of Directors and supports the Executive Director.  Her duties include:

 * Making sure the GNOME Foundation maintains its 501c3 status
 * Corresponding as appropriate with state and federal regulatory bodies
 * Filing necessary taxes
 * Invoicing companies and tracking status of payments
 * Keeping the financial records in order and balancing the books
 * Handling payroll (and associated taxes) and other employee requirements (401K, etc.)
 * Managing expenditures
 * Storing records and archives
 * Providing continuity and history from board to board
 * Working with various GNOME committees (eg. travel committee) and groups to handle payments and reimbursements
 * Maintaining contacts with corporate sponsors / liaisons
 * Aiding treasurer in producing reports
 * In years where it is appropriate, training treasurer
 * Thanking donors (gifts, thank you letters for IRS, etc)
 * Fill in event planning or other board-mandated activities as necessary
 * Issuing payments to contractors and reimbursements to volunteers
 * Other activities as appropriate to help accomplish above

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