GNOME Foundation Trademarks

The GNOME Foundation's trademarks are some of its most important assets. The GNOME Foundation works to protect them.

Details of the trademarks can be found on the logo and trademarks page.

Using the Trademarks

Members of the GNOME community can use the trademarks, according to the usage guidelines. Ideally, these guidelines will not get in your way. If they do, please let the Foundation Board know.

Third parties can use the GNOME name according to fair use, as described in the trademark usage guidelines for third parties. Permission must be obtained from the Foundation Board in order to use the logo - we are very happy to help with this.

Please see the logo and trademarks guidelines and the trademark usage guidelines for third parties for more information.

Trademark Use by GNOME User Groups

GNOME's User Groups are a very important part of the GNOME community. User groups have a need to make use of the GNOME trademarks in such ways as creating and distributing GNOME marketing materials or creating GNOME related web sites. This form allows GNOME User Groups to make arrangements for reasonable use of the trademark.

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