Minutes for Foundation IRC Meeting of July 13th, 2011

Meeting Log


  • Board Members: Emmanuele Bassi, Shaun McCance, Stormy Peters, Karen Sandler

Topics Discussed

  • Desktop Summit promo and registration
    • People are encouraged to register for the Desktop Summit as soon as possible.
    • https://desktopsummit.org/register

    • We'll tweet about it and put an entry on gnome.org/news.
  • Boston Summit
    • Nobody is actively organizing the Summit.
    • Walter Bender volunteered to help us secure the space, but we need more on-the-ground work.
    • We should email J5 and ask for a list of what he's done in the past.
  • Hackfests
    • The Board wants to encourage people to organize more hackfests.
    • We should blog about what some of our recent hackfests have accomplished. Ask vuntz and desrt for input.
  • Friends of GNOME
    • Should we have another campaign drive?
    • Campaigns are better when they're tied to a concrete goal. Suggestions:
      • Fund the Boston Summit.
      • Fund a series of hackfests.
      • Fund installation of a GNOME gitorious instance.
  • Women Outreach Program
    • Program has been successful so far.
    • The Board has approved another year of funding.

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