Minutes for Foundation IRC Meeting of June 15th, 2011

Meeting Log


  • Board Members: Andreas Nilsson, Brian Cameron, Og Maciel, Stormy Peters

Topics Discussed

  • New GNOME Position with the community?
    • There was interest about the proposal of nominating a leader to deal with situations of conflict within the GNOME community to help with technical issues, like when patches are not accepted.
    • From last Board minutes is it understood that Bastien is working on a proposal but no further details are available at this moment.
  • Foundation Elections:
    • Preliminary results of Foundation election is confusing (i.e. Diego got 12 votes and Ryan got 10 but Ryan will be elected)
    • Not displaying first votes may solve this confusion.
    • How was the voters turn out compared to last election?
  • Board Recent Changes:
    • With Paul Cutler stepping from from the Board, Stormy Peters will be filling in for him until she officially starts her new term as a member of the Board.
  • Desktop Summit:
    • New sponsors for the Desktop Summit are up on web site.
    • Local volunteers can join #desktopsummit on server irc.freenode.org or e-mail ds-team@desktopsummit.org to get involved.

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