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14:00 <@OgMaciel> good morning/afternoon/evening everyone
14:01 < vuntz> hello
14:01 <@OgMaciel> not a lot of topics in the agenda
14:01 < vuntz> yippi: fwiw, apologies for foundation.go not being updated. I'll do that just after this meeting. I've secured time for it :-)
14:01 <@OgMaciel> which leads me to the first one
14:02 <@OgMaciel> Should we switch to having monthly meetings instead of bi-weekly?
14:02 < yippi> vuntz, great, thanks!
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14:03 <@OgMaciel> errrm
14:03 <@OgMaciel> Topic: Should we switch to having monthly meetings instead of bi-weekly?
14:03 < aday_> hi all
14:03 < yippi> vuntz, I know that aday_ was also wanting to move the to fgo
14:04 <@OgMaciel> yippi: Not to be rude, but can we keep on topic?
14:04 < yippi> which seems to make more sense.  Then aday_ can use BrandGuidelines wiki for more discussion about marketing aspects of the guidelines
14:04 < yippi> go for it OgMaciel
14:04 <@OgMaciel> thanks
14:04 < vuntz> OgMaciel: I'm kind of mixed on this. Monthly is better wrt topics, but bi-weekly is nice if there's anything urgent to deal with
14:04 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: true
14:04 < yippi> i like bi-weekly
14:05 <@OgMaciel> ok... so I'll keep it bi-weekly even if we don't get  a lot of topics
14:05 <@OgMaciel> next topic
14:05 <@OgMaciel> Topic: Budget to send GNOME 3 DVDs
14:05 < vuntz> it's probably fine to have short meetings every now and then
14:05 <@OgMaciel> not sure who put that up
14:05 <@OgMaciel> true
14:05 < vuntz> that's me :-)
14:05 <@OgMaciel> hehe
14:06 <@OgMaciel> have we got any money earmarked for this yippi ?
14:06 < vuntz> very briefly, background on this:
14:06 < vuntz> Novell sponsored 10,000 GNOME 3 DVDs
14:06 < yippi> i'm not the treasurer, i don't know
14:07 < vuntz> they were sent in 5 batches to USA (to sri), France (in Paris), Germany (in Nürnberg) and China (in Beijing)
14:07 < yippi> seems like a sensible thing to spend money on to me
14:07 < vuntz> the german ones will be moved to Berlin next week for Linuxtag
14:07 < vuntz> and we'll be able to discuss locally if we need to split them with the german group
14:07 < vuntz> the french ones will be used next week for an event
14:07 < vuntz> etc.
14:08 < vuntz> but I got at least two requests (from Switzerland and Greece) to get some DVD
14:08 < vuntz> in Greece, they wanted some for two events. It's already too late for the first one, but it's not too late for the next one
14:09 < vuntz> we just need some budget to send boxes there (and to various other places later)
14:09 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: any idea how much would be needed?
14:09 <@OgMaciel> ball park?
14:10 < vuntz> sending a box of 100 DVDs in Europe costs around €20
14:10 < vuntz> (the slow way; could be faster with ups, but more expensive)
14:11 < vuntz> so all in all, I'd assume that it'd be around $1000
14:11 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: how would this be organized? meaning, if I want to get DVDs, who do I contact and how do I apply for it?
14:12 < vuntz> OgMaciel: we can create a wiki page for that
14:12 < vuntz> right now, it's not organized because we don't have budget :-)
14:12 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: sounds like we would need someone too coordinate this? maybe zana ?
14:13 <@OgMaciel> other than entering your name and info in a wiki page, someone has to get the DVDs burned, shipped, etc
14:13 < zana> the DVDs already exist, yes?
14:13 < vuntz> OgMaciel: DVDs are already there
14:13 < vuntz> OgMaciel: and as I said, they're already in 5 places in the world
14:14 < vuntz> oh, I forgot India earlier
14:14 < vuntz> they're in US, Europe (x2), India, China
14:14 < vuntz> so we'd be able to ship them "locally" already
14:14 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: I misunderstood you... I thought that we wanted to get more DVDs for other places other than those 5 you mentioned
14:15 <@OgMaciel> so we want to help those people who already got the DVDs ship them locally
14:15 <@OgMaciel> sorry
14:15 < zana> there should be enough room in the event box budget to ship these; there haven't been much call for them recently afaik
14:16 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: guess the next best thing would be to send an email to the Board and ask them for this
14:17 < vuntz> OgMaciel: I've done that. Like more than once :/
14:17 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: I'll handle it then
14:17 <@OgMaciel> sorry about that
14:17 < vuntz> OgMaciel: I just want to stress out that this is relatively urgent
14:17 < vuntz> we're not sending dvds to events because of that
14:18 < zana> looking at the event box schedules for both the NA one and the european one shows not much movement recently; there should be plenty of budget in their shipping budgets for this
14:22 < vuntz> I'm happy to have an answer by mail, btw; right now, the deadline to send dvds to greece would be some time next week, I think
14:22 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: ok, you should have gotten an email from me about this
14:23 <@OgMaciel> there are no more topics on the agenda, so we can talk about anything else now
14:24 < vuntz> elections? :-)
14:24 <@OgMaciel> cool
14:24 <@OgMaciel> so
14:24 <@OgMaciel> the position from the membership committee was that they will get the ball rolling this month
14:24 <@OgMaciel> this is what I was told
14:25 < vuntz> do they need help?
14:25 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: don't know... I could bug them again
14:25 <@OgMaciel> you're not the only one who's asked me this btw :)
14:26 < vuntz> in theory, we should publish a timeline for the elections very soon
14:26 < vuntz> I'm mostly worried that people are not thinking about elections, which means they are not thinking about running for the elections
14:26 < vuntz> which means we might not get a lot of candidates
14:26 <@OgMaciel> true true
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14:29 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: I've just emailed the membership committee asking for more information about their plans
14:34 <@OgMaciel> any more topics?
14:35 < aday_> i have a small request :)
14:35 <@OgMaciel> aday_: I'm all ears :)
14:35 < aday_> we need more people to contribute news stories for the home page ;)
14:35 < aday_> it's really easy now with the new site
14:36 < aday_> any small general posts about gnome happenings would be welcome
14:36 < aday_> it'd be nice to have something about gsoc, for instance
14:37 <@OgMaciel> aday_: how can one go about to contributing to this?
14:37 <@OgMaciel> s/to//
14:38 < zana> aday_: do you have a sample list of appropriate stories to show what kinds of stories you're looking for?
14:38 < vuntz> aday_: would it make sense to have a mail address where we can send news and people would add that? Because right now, I guess people need an account to add a news
14:38 < aday_> it's a word press account
14:39 < aday_> i can post people's stories if they mail them to me
14:39 <@OgMaciel> aday_: so maybe you could blog about this with instructions?
14:39 < aday_> zana: these are two recent ones that i did -
14:40 < aday_> OgMaciel: i can, although my previous recruitment posts had little effect
14:40 <@OgMaciel> aday_: what could we do to help?
14:41 < aday_> OgMaciel: i was mainly asking in case any one here wanted to volunteer
14:41 <@OgMaciel> aday_: to write up stories?
14:42 < aday_> OgMaciel: in the long run, i'd like to set up a gnome news team. but that's a little way down the list at the moment
14:42 < aday_> OgMaciel: yes
14:42 <@OgMaciel> gotcha
14:42  * vuntz sends a mail to soc-mentors-list to see if someone wants to write a story about gsoc
14:42 <@OgMaciel> :)
14:42 < aday_> vuntz: thanks :)
14:46 < aday_> that's it from me!
14:46 <@OgMaciel> :)
14:47 <@OgMaciel> anyone else has any other topic to discuss?
15:03 <@OgMaciel> ok, thank you all for coming!@

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