Minutes for Foundation IRC Meeting of May 4th, 2011

Meeting Log


  • Board Members: Bastien Nocera, Brian Cameron, Og Maciel

Topics Discussed

  • Switch to a monthly schedule
    • Majority preferred to keep current bi-weekly schedule.
    • Allows for handling/discussing urgent topics sooner.
  • Budget to send GNOME 3 DVDs
    • Novell sponsored 10,000 GNOME 3 DVDs
    • DVDs were sent in 5 batches to USA (to sri), France (in Paris), Germany (in Nürnberg) India. and China (in Beijing)
    • Switzerland and Greece have asked for some DVDs
    • Sending a box of 100 DVDs in Europe costs around €20
    • The Board has approved to pay for the expenses of sending these DVDs locally and Vincent will tell those holding DVDs how to proceed
  • Board elections
    • Last time the membership committee stated that this process should be kicked off this May.
    • Concern that people are not thinking or aware of this upcoming event and that consequently we may not get a lot of people to run
    • Tobias Mueller from the Membership Committee stated that an announcement for the upcoming election will be posted soon.

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