Minutes for Foundation IRC Meeting of April 20th, 2011

Meeting Log


  • Board Members: Andreas Nilsson, Brian Cameron, Og Maciel

Topics Discussed

  • Vincent Untz asked if we reached out to some specific local groups to push them to organize GUADEC 2012
    • Brian Cameron stated that we have not and that this is one of the reasons for giving a 2-month deadline
    • Some interest in having the next event in Italy
  • Vincent Untz asked about timeline for next Board election
    • Based on email Og Maciel sent to Membership committee, this should be starting in May 2011
    • Vincent Untz suggested we start "making noise" and inviting people to run
  • Vincent Untz asked about the FoG campaign and if we've given up on it
    • People suggested we take a break before starting the next one
    • We should end the current campaign
    • Also, campaigns should not last more than 3 months
    • Make goal more tangible (i.e. support 5 hackfests, Community Sponsored Boston Summit, etc)
    • Or hire an events planner or someone to handle specific needs, such as web development or sysadmin tasks
    • There is no direct link to FoG from new web page
      • aday stated that he will handle it
  • Brian Cameron asked about having the Foundation website updated with new brand licensing forms
    • Vincent stated that he will handle it

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