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14:01 <@OgMaciel> Today's agenda can be found on
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14:01  * OgMaciel gives people time to wake up :)
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14:02 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: we're having our weekly meeting at the same time, so i won t talk much today
14:02 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: :/
14:03 <@OgMaciel> today's agenda doesn't seem to be any different than last time's
14:03 <@OgMaciel> I just may have to call people out :)
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14:03 < stormy> Maybe post it and see if anybody in the room has anything?
14:04 < aday> i've got a small matter - sorry i didn't put it on the wiki
14:04 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: Think you could gives us an update on GNOME Asia?
14:04 <@OgMaciel> aday: If BLUG_Fred can't talk right now, you're next :)
14:04 < stormy> agenda, first?
14:04 <@OgMaciel> stormy: nothing new there
14:04 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: no.. in meeting now.. sorry
14:04 <@OgMaciel> but
14:04 <@OgMaciel> ok
14:05 < stormy> I meant ask for agenda, which I think is what aday was doing.
14:05 <@OgMaciel> aday: going to re-iterate over agenda items, ook?
14:05 < stormy> aday, what is your agenda item?
14:05 <@OgMaciel> Topic: Asking members to contribute to marketing GNOME 3.0
14:05 < stormy> I would like to add "Canonical relationship"
14:05 <@OgMaciel> stormy: we'll get to it :)
14:06 < aday> i want to ask about having a gnome youtube account
14:06 <@OgMaciel> aday: ok, I'm all years
14:06 <@OgMaciel> ears
14:06 < stormy> What I'm really trying to ask is that we should ask for agenda items before we start calling on people. But I will shut up.
14:06 <@OgMaciel> and uears too
14:06 <@OgMaciel> ears
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14:07 <@OgMaciel> Topic: GNOME Youtube Channel
14:07 <@OgMaciel> aday: you got the floor
14:07 < aday> ok
14:07 < aday> our gnome 3 videos are starting to get finished
14:08 < aday> jason has finished one already and there are more in the pipe line
14:08 <@OgMaciel> sweet
14:08 < aday> the plan, as far as i understand it, is to host them on youtube
14:08 < aday> there is a GNOMEDesktop channel, for which i am chasing down the owners
14:09 < stormy> Bryen and myself and someone else, I think.
14:09 < aday> oh great!
14:09 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: ok we're waiting for 1 person finally
14:09 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: so everything is great at except for one thing....
14:09 < aday> it seems that there is a youtube nonprofit scheme
14:09 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: not enough participats
14:09 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: cool, we'll ping you again as aday has the floor now
14:09 < stormy> (I'm in a car using an Android wireless device or I would look up the history, but I think we couldn't get GNOME channel.)
14:09 < stormy> We are a nonprofit account on YouTube.
14:10  * stormy is not driving!
14:10 < aday> stormy: oh right - we have that already.... great
14:10 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: sorry.. the messages just appeared all at once
14:10 <@OgMaciel> np :)
14:10 <@OgMaciel> aday: so, seems that you may have what you need to get that going?
14:10 < aday> OgMaciel: seems that way :)
14:10 < aday> stormy: can we have a 1 to 1 about this later?
14:11 < stormy> I do think GNOME would be better than GNOMEDesktop but I think Bryen couldn't get it.
14:11 < afranke> What does a nonprofit account change?
14:11 < stormy> aday, absolutely
14:11 < aday> afranke: you get a better hosting deal
14:11 < stormy> afranke, I think you can post longer videos without paying
14:11 < afranke> Oh, ok.
14:11 <@OgMaciel> aday: anything else on this topic before we move on?
14:12 < aday> nope, i'm done
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14:12 <@OgMaciel> cool
14:12 <@OgMaciel> Topic: Canonical Relationship
14:12 <@OgMaciel> stormy: you're up
14:14  * OgMaciel figures stormy is having a hard time typing in the car
14:16 <@OgMaciel> stormy: ?
14:17 <@OgMaciel> ...
14:17 <@OgMaciel> ok, does anyone else have any topic they want to discuss?
14:18 <@OgMaciel> is my mic on? :)
14:18 <@OgMaciel> ok
14:18 < aday> OgMaciel: i can hear you :)
14:18 < afranke> I can *read* you.
14:18 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: so, got time to update us on GNOME Asia?
14:18 <@OgMaciel> :)
14:18  * afranke looks for the voice option in XChat.
14:19 <@OgMaciel> afranke: trust me, you do not want to hear me :)
14:19 <@OgMaciel> andreasn: maybe you can update us on DS?
14:19 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: intense discussion on the other channel
14:19 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: but all is great except registration...
14:20 < andreasn> OgMaciel, yes. The main thing is that Call for Papers is this Friday
14:20 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: what do you think is affecting registration?
14:20 < andreasn> so make sure to submit your talks!
14:20 <@OgMaciel> andreasn: have you got many submissions?
14:20 <@OgMaciel> what can you tell us?
14:21 < andreasn> yes, we have a number already (not sure exactly how many), but we want more!
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14:22 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: i think the fact that we decided to charge for the conference is not helping
14:22 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: that was a recommendation from the local team based on other conferences
14:22 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: it's the first time charges for participation
14:22 < andreasn> not that it's secret, I just didn't count them :)
14:22 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: maybe someone from marketing can chime in about this topic?
14:22 <@OgMaciel> aday: ?
14:23 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: i think we have about 40 registrants right now
14:23 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: it's the first time it is so low
14:24 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: luckily we'll be in Bangalore the week before the conference. I intend to go and get people one by one if necessary
14:24 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: when you say registrant, you mean...?
14:24 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: participant
14:24 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: audience
14:24 < BLUG_Fred> visitors
14:24 < aday> OgMaciel: the program looks great and publicity has been good... i haven't been involved though
14:24 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: oh... I thought you meant speakers
14:25 < BLUG_Fred> we have been late to print posters to go and advertise in local places
14:25 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: no, all the rest is excellent
14:25 <@OgMaciel> 40 people registered to attend the event
14:25 < emilyc> BLUG_Fred: We have one week to promote, let's work hard in Banglore  
14:25 < BLUG_Fred> emilyc: definitely
14:25 <@OgMaciel> is it feasible to charge for entrance?
14:26 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: what do you mean?
14:26 <@OgMaciel> I mean, this is not the "norm" for other events in Asia as you mentioned, is it?
14:27 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: no it's not. local team said it was the way in india. we followed the recommendations
14:27 < BLUG_Fred> it turns out students actually can't pay online and i think people just don't really feel like paying
14:27 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: we're working on fixing that without losing face
14:27 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: understood... what can *we* do to help?
14:28 < aday> BLUG_Fred: i can tweet more about the conference. are there any particular messages i can be sending out?
14:28 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: come to India and get THEM! ;-)
14:29 < BLUG_Fred> aday: i did some banners.. with my late troubles i need to upload them, email the speakers and modify the support us page 
14:29 < BLUG_Fred> then front page article to ask people to put small icons on their sites
14:29 < BLUG_Fred> aday: we have to see what can be done from India to get more people
14:29 < aday> sure
14:30 < emilyc> BLUG_Fred       : I have emailed Oracle Indian and Sun Indian, to invite them to join this conference 
14:30 < BLUG_Fred> emilyc: thanks
14:31 < emilyc> People here, if you have team or know some one from Indian, would you please help us to invite them to GNOME.Asia Summit ? 
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14:31 < BLUG_Fred> but at the end charging for the conference has been more trouble than anything else, and since some people have paid it's hard to go back
14:31 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: i guess we'll have highly motivated people at least
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14:32 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: yippi is going to attend, right?
14:32 < emilyc> OgMaciel: Yes
14:32 < emilyc> OgMaciel: Brian will give a key note 
14:32 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: maybe give a small gift (stickers, etc) to paid attendants
14:33 <@OgMaciel> emilyc: thanks :)
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14:34 <@OgMaciel> ok
14:34 <@OgMaciel> the next topic is related to Friends of GNOME 
14:34 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: looking at all options
14:34 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: paid attendant have food included
14:34 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: and we're looking at what gift we could give
14:34 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: but 10 days before the conference is a bit late to worry
14:35 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: understoo
14:35 <@OgMaciel> d
14:36 <@OgMaciel> does anyone have another topic they'd like to discuss?
14:36 <@OgMaciel> Bueller?
14:36 <@OgMaciel> Bueller?
14:37 <@OgMaciel> anyone?
14:37 <@OgMaciel> ok
14:37 <@OgMaciel> well, we still have about 24 minutes
14:37 < emilyc> Og, one more thing for GNOME.Asia 
14:38 <@OgMaciel> so if anyone want to chat
14:38 < emilyc>
14:38 < emilyc> this is the guest invitation, the entry will be Free 
14:38 < aday> i finally got around to blogging about helping with marketing:
14:38 < emilyc> People from GNOME Community can use this link to register to GNOME.Asia 
14:38 < aday> we're pretty swamped right now, so please help if you can
14:39 <@OgMaciel> emilyc: quick question: it just became free or maybe I missed something?
14:41 <@OgMaciel> ?
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14:43 < aday> emilyc: while you're here, can i ask - are you ok to take the photo competition forward?
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14:45 <@OgMaciel> emilyc: ?
14:45 < emilyc> back
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14:46 < emilyc> aday: what's the next step ? 
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14:46 < aday> emilyc: publicity, mainly
14:46 <@OgMaciel> emilyc: that link you sent me... so if the registration for GNOME Asia FREE for GNOME community now?
14:46 < emilyc> aday: announce it on  and ? 
14:46 <@OgMaciel> s/if/is
14:47 < emilyc> OgMaciel: yes, for GNOME Foundation members and community people, it is FREE 
14:47 <@OgMaciel> emilyc: always been or just today?
14:47 < emilyc> aday: I would like to 
14:47 < emilyc> always , og 
14:47 < emilyc> Valid before the Summit 
14:47 <@OgMaciel> emilyc: thank you for clarifying
14:48 < aday> emilyc: i can do twitter and possibly, but we'll need a blog post and we need to contact the party organisers
14:48 < emilyc> aday: I would like to help, can I do it during the GNOME 3 hackfest ? I will be travelling from tomorrow - march 29 
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14:48 < aday> pockeylam, BLUG_Fred: can you help? ^
14:48 < emilyc> aday: I can contact the party organisers
14:49 < emilyc> aday: I can do it tonight if the blog is ready 
14:49 < aday> emilyc: i think it can wait till then. i'd just like to know it's going to be taken care of
14:49 < emilyc> emilyc: Our wiki is ready anyway 
14:50 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: yes?
14:50 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: i don't think we said that
14:50 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: or i missed the line on IRC
14:50 < emilyc> aday: how about we annouce it when we both arrive in Banglore ? 
14:50 < BLUG_Fred> :/
14:50 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: it's for sponsors employees and...  somewhat secret
14:50 < BLUG_Fred> emilyc: i understood correctly right?
14:50 < aday> emilyc: ok :)
14:50 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: of course hackfest attendants and speakers don't pay
14:50 < emilyc> BLUG_Fred       : The photo competion 
14:50 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: so I need to know whether this is a "secret" link or not before putting on minutes :)
14:51 < emilyc> BLUG_Fred: For GNOME members, it is FREE 
14:51 < emilyc> Og, we can make it public in GNOME foufation 
14:51 <@OgMaciel> emilyc: okey dokey
14:51 <@OgMaciel> so, for Foundation members is free
14:51 < emilyc> yes, Og
14:51 < BLUG_Fred> emilyc: ah.. ok
14:51 <@OgMaciel> GNOME users no?
14:52 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: foundation members
14:52 <@OgMaciel> ok
14:52  * OgMaciel updates notes
14:53 <@OgMaciel>  <-- notes so far
14:53 <@OgMaciel> we still have ~8m left
14:55 < emilyc> No one talk about Gsoc ? 
14:55 <@OgMaciel> no
14:56 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: maybe you could talk about Gsoc?
14:56 < emilyc> may be next time 
14:56 < emilyc> I want to know , how many slot we have this time for GNOME under Gsoc 
14:57 <@OgMaciel> hadess: do you have any insight into Gsoc?
14:57 < vuntz> yes, I can
14:57 <@OgMaciel> yay
14:57 < vuntz> we don't know how many slots we have yet
14:58 < hadess> the slots allocation usually comes after the proposals have come in
14:58 < vuntz> exactly
14:58 < vuntz> and... hrm, what do you want to know about GSoC? :-)
14:58 < emilyc> So now, what we can do is update the wiki of Gsoc ? 
14:58 < vuntz> right now, everything is on track
14:58 < vuntz> there'll be a meeting this week to triage the project ideas
14:58 < emilyc> Oh, when ? 
14:58 < hadess> loads of interesting proposals in there
14:58 < emilyc> I am not in the soc-list 
14:59 < emilyc> But I would like to attend the meeting 
14:59 < emilyc> if possible 
14:59 < vuntz> Thursday 24th, 19:00 UTC
14:59 <@OgMaciel> got a link to where current ideas may be?
14:59 < jjmarin> Maybe we can promote GSoC to students in GNOME.Asia
14:59 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: what channel? open to everyone?
14:59 < vuntz>
15:00 < vuntz> open to mentors/admins, I'd say
15:00 < emilyc> vuntz: I can not make it 24th, 19:00 UTC. It is 5am for me. is there other way I can present my idea ? 
15:00 < vuntz> emilyc: just put your ideas on the wiki page
15:00 < emilyc> vuntz: Already done 
15:00 < emilyc> vuntz: It is a tool for GNOME QA 
15:00 < vuntz> so it'll get triaged; I suggest waiting for the result
15:01 < vuntz> if you think it's not triaged correctly, then raise it after the meeting
15:01 < emilyc> OK, thanks vuntz
15:01 <@OgMaciel> great! thanks vuntz and hadess 
15:02 <@OgMaciel> ok, I'm afraid this is all the time we have for today
15:02 <@OgMaciel> thank you all for coming out
15:02 -!- OgMaciel changed the topic of #foundation to: Next GNOME Foundation IRC Meeting: Wednesday April 6th, 2011 @14:00 UTC | Agenda:

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