Minutes for Foundation IRC Meeting of March 23rd, 2011

Meeting Log


  • Board Members: Andreas Nilsson, Bastien Nocera, Emily Chen, Og Maciel

Topics Discussed

  • GNOME Youtube Channel: aday will reach out to Stormy to get ownership to existing GNOME Desktop channel to upload and publish GNOME 3.0 videos
  • Desktop Summit: Deadline for Call of Papers is this Friday. A good number of submissions have already been received.
  • GNOME Asia: Organization is ready but the number of people who have registered to attend is significantly low compared to previous events in the region. Concerns about the fact that price for attending may be putting people off.
  • GNOME Marketing: aday blogged about ways that anyone can help out: https://afaikblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/gnome-marketing-needs-you/

  • Google Summer of Code: GNOME was approved to participate in this year's event. This Thursday 24th, 19:00 UTC there will be a meeting for mentors and admis to triage ideas.

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